In SC “Kaliningrad Plaza” on 1-st floor was opened the new shop of sweets – «Marzipan house».

“Marzipan house” –  represents a large range of products of the most famous German brands, such as Niederegger, Carstens and Schluckwerder, the original Königsberg Marzipan Schwermer, as well as marzipan and chocolate of the Kaliningrad factory “Pomatti.” Figures and sticks, luxurious sets of candy, sweet sculptures and bas-relief are only an incomplete list of products […]

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New tenant in Business Center 117- Sky Amazons Ltd

Sky Amazons is an entertainment company and travelers club operating in the field of air balloons. Sky Amazons was founded on March 5, 2014 and provides full service air balloon flights / events. Sky Amazons has relocated their office to Business Center 117 in February, 2020. More information about the tenant:

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New tenant in Business Center 117- SMC Automation Latvia

SMC is a worldwide leading company, which supports automation through the most advanced pneumatic and electric technologies. With an engineering staff SMC is exceeding 1,500 employees. SMC provides the best expertise and support for automation projects accross more than 80 countries. SMS provides more than 12,000 products with 700,000 variations available. SMC is located in […]

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