New tenant in BC “Telegraph Offices” in Riga – “ECNG Technologies” (“EstChange OU”)!

“ECNG Technologies” /”EstChange OU”/ is fintech company founded in 2018, headquartered in Tartu, Estonia. Company offers legacy virtual currency platform, develops customized software solutions etc. “ECNG Technologies” will relocate their office to “Telegraph Offices” in June, 2021. More information about the tenant:

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New tenant in business centre “TRIO”!

Business centre  “TRIO” has signed a lease agreement with the insurance company “Draudimo Bitės” for the lease of a 267.94 sqm office space. The company will be located on the fifth floor of the “TRIO” “P3″ building. “Draudimo Bitės” are planning to settle into their news office at the end of June.

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New tenant in SEC “FORUM” in Murmansk – «Cozy House»!

In SEC “FORUM” a new tenant, on floor – “C”, opened a store – «Cozy House» («Uyutny Dom»). “Uyutny Dom”- is a modern curtain salon, which offers the production of cornices and tailoring of curtains for individual orders, in a short time with installation. More details: –   

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